westward asana

getting closer to home in northern california...looking forward to finding a similar path for each day... namaste!
xx jes
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Grand Canyon, AZ

'it is the end of a cycle—everything has an end. the cycle of life is positive because it gives hope for new things.'

-alexander mcqueen

cross of the martyrs 

santa fe, nm

Finding peace in the surrounding mountains of santa fe, NM…

There is neither this world nor the world beyond nor happiness for the one who doubts.

One gradually attains tranquillity of mind by keeping the mind fully absorbed in the Self by means of a well-trained intellect, and thinking of nothing else.

The power of God is with you at all times; through the activities of mind, senses, breathing, and emotions; and is constantly doing all the work using you as a mere instrument.

One who has control over the mind is tranquil in heat and cold, in pleasure and pain, and in honor and dishonor; and is ever steadfast with the Supreme Self.

The wise sees knowledge and action as one; they see truly

-quotes from the Bhagavd Gita

Back on the road, ready to hit Lubbock this evening! Goodbye Austin! It has been grand!

Houston, tx! Murals like in Philly!

Namaste! unfortunately we had to cut our New Orleans trip short due to impending weather but we did what we could in 15 hours!

xx jes

happy beautiful day spring!

happiness does not exist on the far side of distant mountains. it is within you, yourself. not you, however, sitting in idle passivity. it is to be found in the vibrant dynamism of your own life as you struggle to challenge and overcome one obstacle after another, as you clamber up a perilous ridge in pursuit of that which lies beyond.
daisaku ikeda

sunsets on the gulf…

in the gulf!

st joe beach, florida

quiet and magical…